never forget that in the middle of the apocalypse dean thought it necessary to point out how cute cas looks when he’s sleeping and sam was like, “dean, the world is ending and cas is not supposed to sleep, pls focus on something other than him being cute”

- He probably just moved. Nobody stays perfectly still for their entire MRI.
- Yeah, he probably got restless, and shifted one hemisphere of his brain to a more comfortable position.


I watched Toy Story this week and this scene still kills me.


What’s the matter Cas?

Don’t you love the color of my eyes?


Nine trying to send a distress signal to any potential other survivor of the Time War. That’s not a good idea.

Inspired (a couple of months ago) by this picture made by this user on DA.

"What if I said yer mother was a whore?"

The room grew quiet. Tempi turned to look at me. Curiosity. “What is whore?”

"He says your mother is a person men pay money to have sex with."

Tempi turned back to the mercenary and nodded graciously, “You are very kind sir. I thank you.”

~Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear (via starlordsdickmessage)


did u kno it was the 1 yr anniversary of the IJ girlfriends??? because I didn’t it but I’m running through my 5 yr memory book and found that entry. hella hella

happy late one year anniversary ladysinestra templeofhylia & levelsixshift

It feels like the temperature on this side…is different.

u makoharu shippers did it, it’s the main ship i see on my dash and I now get uncomfortable with/not a fan of rinharu (the ship itself, their friendship/relationship dynamic is still good/interesting)

and I love rival ships like

good work guys

What if Makoto dies when Haru is in Australia?? Freak accident or some shit and then Haru goes back ready to talk shit through and people are like “shit son sorry but he dead” 

his cat still goes to that place too buT MAKOTO NEVER SHOWS UP AGAIN

wonder how that’d go down in the fandom

"I’m really happy for you."
"Thanks, Sam."

I don’t watch free! but every time a new ep happens everyone I follow who does has a different opinion so I’m like


was it a bad ep?? good?? awful??? screw the writer?? go rin? is Makoto dead? like whats happening